Q: As a business manager, do I need to understand web application development to use FarmBuild?

A: No, as a business owner/manager, you only really need to understand the basic logic to these applications and services. When it comes to implementation, you will need a web developer that does understand web application development. Specifically, we recommend a developer that understands the following components: Javascript, Openlayers 3, angularJS and HTML.

Q. How do I find someone (web developer) that can develop from the FarmBuild suite of tools and services?

A: You could use an online resource like freelancer.com.au. There are plenty of these around however, if you prefer a personalised service, you may be better off using something like the white pages so you can ask the developer some specific questions. We recommend a developer who understands the following components: Javascript, Openlayers 3, angularJS and HTML.

Q: How do I fit the FarmBuild web mapping component into my online web application?

A: The FarmBuild web mapping component can be used two ways:

Q: Why use FarmBuild web mapping if I have to customise code anyway?

A: The web mapping component of FarmBuild is essentially a platform to the other FarmBuild tools such as the soil area service, dairy nutrient calculator, and soil import service. They all require a mapping function that can capture farm and paddock areas. We have developed the web mapping component so developers can understand how to integrate the tools and services into a web mapping application.

Q: What happens if we have trouble using the FarmBuild tools and services?

A: There is an 'Issues' feature of the GitHub repository exactly for this purpose. If it is an urgent issue, you may also contact Andy.McAllister@ecodev.vic.gov.au

Q: Why do I have to register to use the web services?

A: As a Victorian Government department, we need to understand who is using these services and how they are being utilised. This allows us to manage system load, plan for future development and keep engaged with our users.

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