FarmBuild's online functions are composed of an initial series of web services, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and associated data sources, as well as open source JavaScript API sample code and pages. Developed by DEDJTR to be freely available for users to build their own digital tools and support their clients.

Web services, APIs and associated data sources

The web services, APIs and associated data sources are served off DEDJTR infrastructure. These are available to access freely from the GitHub ‘FarmBuild’ account. A simple registration process is needed to access the Soil Information Service, and users will be provided with an agreed service level.

Javascript based API sample code

Published on the GitHub open source repository for FarmBuild, the code has been architected to split the JavaScript calculations and services from the user interfaces and designed for reuse in third party systems. This allows users to deliver the functions within their own digital tool with a unique look and feel to suit their agricultural business. The sample code includes:

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